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rotor 2inpower dm cycle power meter
ROTOR 2INpower DM road rotor inpower DM road rotor inpower dm road dimension data rotor power

ROTOR INpower DM and ROTOR 2INpower DM - The latest and best in power meters.

Single and double sided power measurement. Not just a power meter, a pro level crank too, as used by Team Dimension Data.

INpower, INpower DM and 2INpower DM are the new cycle power meters from ROTOR, for triathlon, road, TT, mountain bike and cyclocross. INpower runs on a single AA battery for up to 300 hours. 2INpower is a rechargable power meter, with a new direct mount chainring interface. INpower DM and 2INpower DM are Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible.

You can upgrade your Ceepo and get the training benefits of using a power meter. Train smarter and maximise your potential. 



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ROTOR INpower DM and 2INpower DM Upgrades.

New innovative crank axle-based power meter. Power instrumentation is integrated inside the bottom bracket, protecting it from shock, crashes and the outside elements.

2INpower and INpower also maintain the bike’s original aesthetics.

Now for the first time, with a nod to toward ROTOR’s flagship Q-Rings, 2INpower & INpower features TORQUE 360, Pedal smoothness, Torque Effictiveness and Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) pedal analysis. Cyclists can now precisely and accurately assess force variations in their pedal stroke. TORQUE 360 and OCA values enable riders to orient their Q-Rings around their distinct pedaling characteristics taking advantage of their most productive zone.

INpower uses a standard AA battery and is equipped with the UBB30 axle system, a 30mm diameter axle, compatible with almost all standard frames in the market. Left arm option is available, so you can make your existing ROTOR cranks into a power meter, installation is easy via downloadable multi-lingual user manual. 2INpower is a dual leg measurement system, with fully rechargeable internal battery.

Because it’s centered in the crank axle, INpower achieves cleaner data transfer and greater accuracy via ANT+ protocol without suffering interruptions and temperature fluctuations. Sophisticated metrics like Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness determine total torque versus positive torque and average power versus maximum power respectively.

ROTOR’s ambitions for 2INpower & INpower include adoption by elite level teams such as Team Dimension Data and Elite level triathletes, who have tested INpower and provided feedback.




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